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Caring for your fresh Christmas Tree

A real Christmas tree is a traditional and popular choice for many people during the festive season. It adds an authentic and natural touch to the decorations, filling the air with a fresh pine scent. Real trees come in various sizes and types, such as spruce, fir, or pine. They require some maintenance, like regular watering, to keep them looking vibrant and prevent them from drying out. Once the season is over, real Christmas trees can be recycled or repurposed, making them an environmentally friendly choice. However, they may also shed needles and need to be disposed of properly.

Types of fresh Christmas Trees

The Hertfordshire Garden Centre stocks a wide range of trees. Whether you want a sustainable potted tree that you can use year after year or you are looking for a cut tree to put in a stand, we have exactly what you are looking for.

We can supply and deliver Nordman Firs and Blue Spruces in a variety of heights and widths.

How to keep your fresh Christmas Tree looking great

When we receive the trees, we cut the bottom off and drill a hole for your stand. We ensure the trees are kept hydrated until they leave the Garden Centre. By following a few simple steps, you can help to keep your tree at its best for the weeks to come:

  • Place your tree outside (unnetted) in water, and out of the sun, as soon as possible. This gives the branches time to drop. If you are keeping it outside for a few days, you may want to give it a spray with the hose.
  • When taking your tree inside, ensure you keep it well watered. Like fresh cut flowers, the base of the tree needs to have a constant supply of water – drinking up to 3 pints per day!
  • Keep your fresh tree away from radiators; if you have underfloor heating, buy a smaller tree and raise it off the ground using a table. The artificial heat essentially cooks the tree meaning it will drop its needles more quickly.

If you treat your Christmas tree well, it will last the whole of the festive season. We kept a couple back from our November 2022 stock – this photo was taken on 19th May 2023!