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About National Garden Gift Vouchers and Cards

National Garden Gift Vouchers are the ideal gift for gardeners, giving them choice over what they treat themselves and their garden to. They can be spent at almost all of the UK's garden centres and retail nurseries and run on a not-for-profit basis. Proceeds are used to support the cause of gardening, garden traders and gardening charities across the UK.

At the moment there are two slightly different products: National Garden Gift Vouchers and National Garden Gift Cards. The only major difference is that a small number of garden centres don't yet accept the gift cards, though the numbers selling and accepting are pretty similar.

Q. Can vouchers and cards be spent online?
A. No, not yet, but it's something we're working on!
Q. Do the vouchers and cards expire?
A. Yes. A National Garden Gift Card purchased in a garden centre or online will expire 30 months after it is activated (i.e. after it is purchased). A National Garden Gift Voucher (i.e. the paper tokens) usually has an expiry date printed on the back of the voucher. Typically this will give at least three years in which to spend the voucher. A small number of old vouchers do not have an expiry date on them, and these vouchers do not expire.
Q. Is the scheme financially safe?
A. It's more robust than most gift card schemes that rely on a single retailer. If a single retailer stops trading or goes into administration, the chances are that that retailer's gift vouchers will not be honoured. With National Garden Gift Vouchers you can spend them in most of the UK's garden centres, so if one garden centre closes you can always spend it in another centre. The Horticultural Trades Association which runs the schemes has been going since 1899 and is funded by 1,500 garden businesses who are our members - we're pretty reliable!


Potters Crouch Candles

This is us. The Potters Crouch family

We’ve made it our mission to provide scents that cover all corners of everyday life.
We’ve all been there wanting to set the mood for a night in or something with enough power to cover that ‘what is that smell!’ smell. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

It all started with a problem, the eureka moment, a spare room and a passion to create something just….lovely! That was over 20 years ago now. There is a bit more to it these days, but we make sure that every product to go out the door has had as much care, love and attention that the very first candle had all those years ago.

We’re made up of a small team of 11 based in a converted barn within the rolling hills of Hertfordshire’s countryside. We have a onsite shop which you can come and purchase from or if you just fancy a chat, the kettle is never long boiled!


It’s what we don’t put in that counts!

No soy allergens

As a company we took the decision not to use any soy waxes in our products. The worlds over use of soy is causing an increasing percentage of the population to develop allergies to it and soy is on the national register of allergens as a result.

The process to convert a bean to a wax also involves the use of nickel which is another allergen so it’s not for us. We stick to using a medical and edible grade of wax which is classed as hypoallergenic and is actually what is used on the back of allergy testing strips for this reason.

Who new being kind to the environment could smell so lovely!


Vegan friendly

Historically many perfumes used to contain animal secretions and many waxes were made from tallow (animal fats) and some countries still use them today. We feel it is not necessary in this day and age as with the advances in technology it is possible to create a copy of a ‘scent’ by combining other scent molecules together, so we don’t need the help of a Beavers vanilla smelling butt thank you!

There are also plenty of natural waxes readily available. We choose not to use beeswax in our products as this is what bees use to store their honey and house their young so we’d rather not disturb them as our bees need all the help they can get. Without bees we couldn’t bring you our lovely fragrances, we like to think of bees as being little tiny perfumers.


Cruelty free

Being cruelty free is very important to us and we take great care to make sure all the ingredients we use are not tested on animals. As a company we will not work with any organisation that uses animal testing and we do not ship our products to countries who insist on animal testing.

We have a long history of being animal lovers here from Henry and Tilly our office dogs to Freddo the garden frog, Drew our visiting shrew who steals dog biscuits and Brian our barn snail who comes out to party every night leaving a trail behind him …we wouldn’t hurt a fly!


No palm oil

We don’t use palm oil in any of the fragranced products we make simply because there are other waxes which do a far better job so it is not needed. Of course, we also care about the environment and sustainability as well so if there is a better alternative, we will always use it!

Historically we have made soaps which have contained a tiny amount of CSPO or RSPO certified sustainable palm oil grown by independent farmers which does not contribute to deforestation or the loss of wildlife habitats but helps to support the farmers and their families and educate people about the problem with non-sustainable palm.


Hell no…No gmo

We believe that not enough is known about gmo products yet and their long-term environmental effects, so for now we will steer clear of them until we are told with absolute certainty, they have no detrimental effects on the environment and we won’t grow a third arm because of them… although that might come in handy! (see what we did there).









Boxworth Botanicals

Here at Boxworth Botanicals we promise you that our products are freshly made with care for the best results.

When you buy from us you can be assured that each product has passed our tests to deliver these promises. 

  • High quality, natural plant based skincare.
  • Unique blends designed to be effective.
  • Safe, gentle and ‘good for the skin’ creams, for all skin types.
  • Light and non-greasy.
  • Beautiful uplifting fragrances.
  • A healthy and natural way to look after your skin.
  • 100% pure essential oils.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Made in England.


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