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About National Garden Gift Vouchers and Cards

National Garden Gift Vouchers are the ideal gift for gardeners, giving them choice over what they treat themselves and their garden to. They can be spent at almost all of the UK's garden centres and retail nurseries and run on a not-for-profit basis. Proceeds are used to support the cause of gardening, garden traders and gardening charities across the UK.

At the moment there are two slightly different products: National Garden Gift Vouchers and National Garden Gift Cards. The only major difference is that a small number of garden centres don't yet accept the gift cards, though the numbers selling and accepting are pretty similar.

Q. Can vouchers and cards be spent online?
A. No, not yet, but it's something we're working on!
Q. Do the vouchers and cards expire?
A. Yes. A National Garden Gift Card purchased in a garden centre or online will expire 30 months after it is activated (i.e. after it is purchased). A National Garden Gift Voucher (i.e. the paper tokens) usually has an expiry date printed on the back of the voucher. Typically this will give at least three years in which to spend the voucher. A small number of old vouchers do not have an expiry date on them, and these vouchers do not expire.
Q. Is the scheme financially safe?
A. It's more robust than most gift card schemes that rely on a single retailer. If a single retailer stops trading or goes into administration, the chances are that that retailer's gift vouchers will not be honoured. With National Garden Gift Vouchers you can spend them in most of the UK's garden centres, so if one garden centre closes you can always spend it in another centre. The Horticultural Trades Association which runs the schemes has been going since 1899 and is funded by 1,500 garden businesses who are our members - we're pretty reliable!





The Gloves we stock and a bit about the company...

'Our extensive collection of gloves continue to lead the gardening market. Long-established classic-style gloves feature as well as more contemporary designs and floral patterns.

Our best-selling gloves remain ever-popular and a lynchpin within the collection while the range as a whole offers different gloves for the many requirements in the modern garden, home and workplace.

We continue to be innovative in production techniques to ensure an ever-improving quality and more specialised as well as versatile gloves. We promote and prioritise social and environmental responsibility in production techniques and the materials we use.'

Colours, designs and patterns continue to be a mix of tasteful and traditional, and also contemporary and cutting-edge.



The Flower Girl pattern focuses on the beauty of the English rose for a design which is perfectly timeless and quintessentially British.                

Her designs are a modern yet respectful interpretation of a tradition craft with designs influenced by her canal boat and artisan lifestyle.

Julie Dodsworth is a renowned British artist who paints and creates her original patterns on her canal boat – Calamity Jane.

Julie Dodsworth Flower Girl Collection swatch






RHS Gold Leaf Dry Touch Gloves - Mens

RHS Gold Leaf Dry Touch Gloves - Womens

RHS Gold Leaf Soft Touch Gloves - Mens

RHS Gold Leaf Soft Touch Gloves - Womens

RHS Gold Leaf Tough Touch Gloves - Mens

RHS Gold Leaf Tough Touch Gloves - Womens

RHS Gold Leaf Winter Touch Gloves - Mens

RHS Gold Leaf Winter Touch Gloves - Womens

Here at Boxworth Botanicals we promise you that our products are freshly made with care for the best results.Boxworth Botanicals









When you buy from us you can be assured that each product has passed our tests to deliver these promises. 

  • High quality, natural plant based skincare.
  • Unique blends designed to be effective.
  • Safe, gentle and ‘good for the skin’ creams, for all skin types.
  • Light and non-greasy.
  • Beautiful uplifting fragrances.
  • A healthy and natural way to look after your skin.
  • 100% pure essential oils.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Made in England.


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