Tools are a gardener's best friend – and top of the list come your trusty hand tools, pressed into daily service for everything from pruning to digging to sowing to weeding.

In our garden centre you'll find the basic kit for starting out: border spades and forks to turn your soil, hand tools for close-up weeding and secateurs for pruning, trimming and dead-heading.

For trickier jobs there's a huge variety of more specialist tools in our garden centre. We have hoes to suit every purpose, whether it's earthing up potatoes or more delicate weeding; and our range of rakes make short work of levelling seedbeds, collecting autumn leaves or clearing up debris.

Pruning tools are an essential part of a gardener's armoury: in our garden centre you'll find loppers for thicker branches or if you're really getting stuck in, pruning saws and bowsaws for the big jobs. Plus we have specialist weeding tools for winkling weeds out of the toughest corners; garden knives for everything from cutting string to taking cuttings; and everything you could need by way of dibbers, brooms and bulb planters.

Please ask the staff in our St Albans garden centre for more information and advice about the range of hand tools we have in stock.

Garden tools

All the essential tools for your garden, from spades and forks to rakes and hoes. Including products from top brands such as Spear & Jackson, Fiskars and Burgon & Ball.

Garden hand tools

From trowels and forks to grubbers and weeders, our centres have all the hand tools you need for those essential garden tasks.

Loppers, shears, pruners & knives

A huge range of loppers, shears, pruners and knives to keep your plants, trees and lawn in great shape.


DIY Tools

A range of DIY tools from hammers and screwdrivers to knives and tape measures - handy items to have around the house for those little fixing and repair jobs.


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