Plant and Product Sourcing

The majority of our plant suppliers are UK based and many of these are local to Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, & Essex. Sometimes the environmental impact is actually reduced when plants are grown abroad rather than in a hot house in the UK. In these cases, for imported stock, a plant passport is always obtained so we can guarantee authenticity and plant health. 


This is an area close to our hearts and we aim to recycle around 95% of our waste – the rest is taken for power generation.

  • Our dry mixed recycling is collected
  • We have a compactor on site to crush our plant pots and trays
  • Builders ton bags and pallet bags are compacted and recycled
  • All our food waste is taken for composting
  • Our cooking oil is taken away and turned into biofuel
  • We have a 40-yard wood skip on site for all used timber
  • Any concrete waste is crushed and reused
  • Topsoil is screeded and reused on site
  • Green waste is turned into compost

Other Areas

We are working closely with Wild About Redbourn – a local initiative to help encourage more wildlife in our gardens and local areas. We have also invited a local Brownie group to build a bug hotel in a wooded area at the back of the centre.

The Hertfordshire Garden Centre does not feed the main sewage system – we have our own sewage treatment plant. The drainage system from the café has a 2-stage fat trap to ensure fat is not disposed of in the incorrect manner.

Our site is surrounded by hedging suitable for wildlife nesting. As well as helping birds and insects this also helps reduce noise to neighbouring areas. We plant trees around the area to encourage birds to nest and have an active wildlife mound that we monitor regularly.

All timber that we sell is FSC certified.