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Outdoor Plants



Roses are a plant close to our hearts! The Hertfordshire Garden Centre started off life as Godly’s Nursery – a specialist grower solely for the cultivation of roses. Considered to be the most popular flower in Britain and the national flower of England, the rose is a stunning addition to any garden.

Whether you have large beds to fill, fences to cover or small containers to add a splash of colour , the rose is a failsafe plant to choose. All our UK grown varieties come from suppliers such as David Austin, Harkness and Whartons and will bloom from late Spring and well into Autumn.

Roses prefer a lot of sun so bear this in mind when planting them in your garden. Place them in well draining, nutrient rich soil and feed them throughout the growing season and these plants will flower year after year. After a feed, a good layer of mulch should be applied to retain moisture. Lastly, prune in late winter or early spring to get the best out of your plant for the year ahead.

Most varieties have a lovely strong scent. Paired with a decorative posy vase, these gorgeous flowers can make a lovely addition inside the home.