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We are the Hertfordshire Garden Centre. Based in Redbourn on the outskirts of historic St Albans, our small, friendly and independent premises are perfectly suited for home and garden enthusiasts who rightfully expect a little more for their money. We always try to deliver a personal and helpful service to help our customers make the right product choices. From informed advice and friendly service to genuine value-for-money garden products, we serve our local community as a garden shrub stockist in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.



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Laying a path

A handsome path is a striking finishing touch to your garden. It plays an active role in your design, leading a visitor through from one feature to the next and inviting you to explore. It's also practical, giving you access to borders for weeding and planting. Match the materials you use with o…

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Ponds in winter

WATER LEVEL Ice can often put pressure on your pond liner, which can cause it to tear. Therefore keep an eye on the water level, if it drops top it back up again. Repairs can be carried out in spring. FEEDING FISH You should have noticed that your fish have stopped eating. This is normal. When the temperature of the water drops below 7C (45F) the fish go into semi-hibernation. DE-ICER FLOATS Fish inhabited ponds shouldn't be allowed to freeze over completely because this will stop essential gas exchange and cause a build up of methane in the water. Place a football or similar in the pond, so at least one area will be left unfrozen. ;