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We are the Hertfordshire Garden Centre. Based in Redbourn on the outskirts of historic St Albans, our small, friendly and independent premises are perfectly suited for home and garden enthusiasts who rightfully expect a little more for their money. We always try to deliver a personal and helpful service to help our customers make the right product choices. From informed advice and friendly service to genuine value-for-money garden products, we serve our local community as a garden shrub stockist in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

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Ways with roses

Britain's best-loved flower, roses are found in almost every garden in the country especially in St Albans. And it's little wonder: they're elegant, stately plants that just take your breath away as soon as they flower, with those heartbreakingly beautiful petals and perfume to fill the garden a…

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Getting steamy

Start hosing down the greenhouse floor as temperatures rise to keep temperatures down and humidity high. If you do it first thing in the morning, the water evaporates more gradually and the effects last longer. Many exotic greenhouse plants thrive in a steamy atmosphere and you'll also keep red spider mites at bay as they hate high humidity.