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Plant of the Month – February. Snowdrop


Seen as the first sign of the arrival of Spring, the snowdrop is the epitome of the English garden in February. The snowdrop is often one of the first flowers to bloom and is able to withstand very low temperatures.


The snowdrop is native to Europe and has been cultivated for centuries. It has small white blooms that hang from slender green stems. They are very resilient to harsh frosts which make them perfect for this time of the year when the weather is unpredictable. Standing at around 7-15cm, they are small in size making them perfect for gardens with limited space.


Snowdrops prefer a well draining spot but will do well in most soils. Keep out of strong sunlight through the summer or else the bulbs will dry and become damaged for the following year.

Snowdrop plants can be put into the ground in late January or February to give instant impact. They will return year after year and can be divided as they die back and the leaves turn yellow. Deadheading the flowers as they die can help strengthen the bulbs for the next year.


Snowdrops require very little care once they are established. They will provide early interest to the garden and can withstand very cold snaps making them perfect for even the most novice gardener.


Varieties in store now

  • Snowdrop Woronwii £5.99
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