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Plant of the Month – March. Saxifrage

The saxifrage is a compact, evergreen perennial forming a low mat of deeply cut leaves in dense tufts. Small, cup-shaped flowers are borne on short stems above the foliage from late spring into summer. Colours range from white and pink to purple and yellow.


Planting this specimen in March can add a splash of colour to your outdoor space. Also known as ‘rock-breaker’ this is a versatile plant that is able to withstand harsh environments. 


Saxifrage prefers a location with partial shade to encourage healthy growth. Well-draining soil is essential as they do not like waterlogged conditions. It is also drought-resistant, making it a great choice for those living in dry climates.

It is native to rocky and mountainous regions and is a great choice when adding interest to your landscaped areas. They have a shallow root system allowing them to thrive in rocky surfaces. 


This is a fascinating and versatile plant that does well in tricky conditions.

Varieties in store now

Saxifrage pink 1L £5.99

Saxifrage Red 1L £5.99

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